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Skin RepairSkin is in fact, the largest part of our body and we must take good care of it. Some people want their skin to become tanned, others want to turn their skin white as much as possible using whitening soap or creams. Regardless of your complexion, the skin is our shield and protection against germs throughout our body. But, not all of us were blessed of having a great skin. Few individuals are suffering from different kinds of skin diseases and one of them is called Ichthyosis vulgaris. This skin disease turns the skin to become dry and causes dead skin cells to accumulate resulting in fish scale looking skin. In most cases, people who suffer from this skin condition have a large area of their body affected. It will not just affect the physical condition of a person but also emotional and social.

Ichthyosis Treatment

Unfortunately there is no cure for this skin disorder. However, there are possible treatments that can be applied in order to regulate the scaly skin. Other symptoms may include itchy skin, severely dry skin, flaky scalp and discoloration of skin, usually becoming reddish or a grey color. Ichthyosis Vulgaris occurs genetically, it may occur during the first few years of childhood. While in some cases, the disease will manifest during adulthood. Most often, people who suffer from this skin disorder are experiencing thickening of elbows and legs that can cause painful cracks.

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SR lotion is a skin lotion especially designed to loosen and remove dead skin cell all over the body, manipulating the skin and sending it in to a regular skin shedding cyle. This Ichthyosis Lotion is the answer for individuals who suffer from this skin disorder. It helps your skin to minimize inflammation and itching and can turn the skin back to a regular state within just weeks of use. SR lotion uses a unique blend of AHA’s that are treated and designed by SR Lotion. As well as returning the skin to a normal skin shedding cycle, SR Lotion is able to retain skin moisture that helps the reducing the scaling and keep it to a minimum, preventing the scales from being able to form. SR Lotion is also the best available treatment for other types of ichthyosis includinEHK, X-linked Ichthyosis, EI Ichthyosis and ARCI-Lamellar Ichthyosis. SR Lotion will simply stimulate new healthy skin cellsnourishing your skin, making your skin glow and continues to change peoples lives throughout the world.

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SR Lotion Ltd laboratories have been developing SR Lotion for over 8 years. They have 5 different laboratories across the globe for research and progress in effective skin treatments for various types of skin conditions. The lotion is tried and tested by many people who suffer from different kinds of skin diseases most of all for Ichthyosis. After obtaining positive and outstanding results, SR Lotion is becoming one of the most popular lotions available in the market today, used by many sufferers all over the globe.

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Ichthyosis vulgaris is a type of skin disorder condition that causes the skin to dry out and produce dead skin cells that do not shed as they are supposed to.It is a lasting condition affecting the skin and having lots of fish scale type patches in several areas of the body. This skin condition is also identified or known as the fish scale disease (Ichthyo; meaning relating to fish in Latin). In most cases, the disease transmits genetically and can manifest on the skin during birth while others during their adolescence stage. Diagnosing Ichthyosis may include tracing back your family history and records, doctors may also perform different laboratory tests such as blood samples and skin biopsy. This skin disorder lasts a lifetime and unfortunately, researchers have not yet discovered the missing piece to cure Ichthyosis entirely. SR Lotion Ltd have been developing the best Ichthyosis treatment lotion called SR Lotion. It has been used for many people who suffer from many types of skin disorder problem like EHK, X-linked ichthyosis, EI ichthyosis, ARCI-Lamellarichthyosis and most especially Ichthyosis vulgaris.

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Carrying such a burden living with Ichthyosis vulgaris skin disorder is difficult at times most especially for children and teens. This type of skin condition will not just affect the physical aspect of a person but also the person’s emotional and social attribute. Doctors and scientists are still researching to develop an Ichthyosis Cure. One way or another, they are developing treatments in order to stop the pain, itching and fish type scales. But do not lose hope, SR Lotion is the most effective Ichthyosis treatment you can find available in the market and online stores, it is used by many patients who have achieved life changing results. The lotion is designed to remove dead cells from skin and produce new healthy skin cells thatare nourished and sends the skin in to a normal skin shedding cycle, it needs to be tried to be believed. Ichthyosis Lotion by SR Lotion Ltd also treats other skin disorder conditions such as EHK, X-linked ichthyosis, EI ichthyosis and ARCI-Lamellar ichthyosis. The way SR Lotion is produced, it is able to reduce the scaling, itching and pain. This lotion can be the answer to the prayers of people who suffer from this kind of skin disorder.